Rebecca Gallis ~ Bec

Bec began her singing career over 35 years ago, when she sang lullabys to her oldest son Andy. She began her ministry when she started singing with her home church choir. It didn't take long to see God had greater things for her to do, as He quickly brought her into a local ministry singing at area nursing homes and with a local Quartet. When her husband, Rev. Ed was diagnosed with a neurological disease, she closed her dance studios to care for him. Having owned her dancing schools for 20 years, she never looked at her singing as a talent, just another gift from God to share with His children. 
After urging from friends and family, she entered a Nashville talent search for gospel music singers, where she finished in the top one percent of over 3000 contestants. She was offered a recording contract by a record label, but after a trial period she felt led to follow the "mission" field rather than the "entertainment" one. She has since shared her talents and gifts with tens of thousands of people during her travels across America, as well as around the world via Sky Angel satellite station programs. Her ministry included serving with the teen youth group in her home church, church camp counselor, guest speaker and vocalist in a wide variety of denominational settings. She was also active in serving in the Boy Scouts of America, where she was a Cub Leader, Day Camp Director, and a Scout Master. Her ministry has earned her numerous awards and citations of merit locally and nationally for her work in God's service. 
In 2007, Bec returned to school earning a degree in nursing, after her granddaughter's diagnosis of a rare disease was confirmed. She is currently an independent provider, private-duty-RN for Ellayna, who over the past 13 years has been diagnosed with multiple rare diseases. In addition, Bec is  the president of the Global CMTC-OVM US Organization (a patient advocacy organization for those diagnosed with rare vascular malformations), whose objectives are focused to provide their members with knowledge, medical support that can enhance their confidence and independence, and to empower them with the skills to meet their individual needs.

In 2012 her world changed forever, as Rev. Ed's passing was devastating for his family. Ed and Bec had been married for 32 years, raised 2 sons, traveled the country with their ministry, and welcomed a special granddaughter into their lives. Bec knew her purpose in life up until that point; but, after Ed passed she wondered what that purpose was to be moving forward. She quickly realized she would live with a hurt that would never fade, but with time she hoped it would become softer. She also began sharing these words with everyone: "Don't Spend Today ~ Expecting Tomorrow."  Ed and Bec were supposed to be married as long as her parents. In 2011 her parents celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary. Ed told her, "We're half way there." But, shortly after Ed and Bec's wedding anniversary on November 3, 2011, Ed was diagnosed with cancer. On March 22, 2012, he was called to his home in heaven. Now, following the final song every time Bec ministers, you will see her send a kiss to her Sweet Angel and tell him "I love you." This is her way of continuing their ministry and service to God together.
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